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AACI’s Loans for Lone Soldiers Project offers interest-free loans to people ages 21 – 30 from English-speaking countries who have completed their army or national service as lone soldiers.


AACI provides financial assistance as well as free counseling, answering questions and concerns about life in Israel. 


Our goal is to assist young immigrants with their integration into Israeli society by giving them financial and emotional support that will enable them to thrive and remain in Israel. 

Applicant Criteria

  • Up to and including age 30

  • Former lone soldier OR national service participant, with documentation showing honorable discharge

  • From an English-speaking country

  • Enrolled in a recognized Israeli academic/vocational program (for a minimum of one year)

  • 1 guarantor (a family member is best)

  • Bank statements from the past three months

  • Completion of the online application.

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